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The use of this web page falls under the terms listed below.

The use of the web page constitute a presumption that the visitor/ user has studied, understood and accepted the terms of use of the web page. In case the visitor/ user does not agree with these terms of use, he/she is bound not to make use of its services and of its content. These terms of use may be reviewed and updated at any point in time and without prior notice.

Please check at regular intervals the terms of use of the web page, as its use entails that you accept these changes. The users are bound to provide exact and true information. They are bound to update the data they have entered for the whole duration of use. The visitors and users of the web page are solely responsible for any act they perform through the web site services. In case a user enters content, he/she must be of age.

It is forbidden to any member or user to post content which is illegal, threatening, harmful, offensive, damaging, slanderous, scurrilous, violent, insulting, racist and untruthful or against the copyright.

The relations of the Users with the web page are governed by Greek Law and the Courts of Athens are solely competent for the solution of any dispute related to the Services that may arise .

Limitation of liability- Declaration of renunciation

The Web page provides the possibility to access the directory of the scripts posted by the users.

The users who enter their texts declare that they are the exclusive copyright owners. The web page cannot check the accuracy of this declaration and does not bear any responsibility regarding the existence or lack of these rights.

The content of the web page is made available «as it is» with no guarantee expressed or ensuing in any way whatsoever, nor does the manager nor do the other representatives of the service provide guarantees regarding the web page content.

The information the visitors have access to - and which they receive as users/members by using any service of this web page given it can be despatched, posted or mailed by other users/members or by third parties- are not verified nor are they checked, examined or approved by the web page.

The web page does not approve, verify or in any way certify the content of any communication, or piece of information between the users ( scriptwriter - interested party). The users/ members (scriptwriters- interested parties) are in all cases solely responsible between themselves and towards third parties for the content of their communication. Indicatively but not exhaustively, they are solely responsible between themselves for any criminal or civil liability, for any lawful or contract-derived obligation, in any case of contestation of the copyright, of the security, of personality, of the mores, insult or other harassment.

In case the user publishes personal data or other sensitive data, he/she accepts full responsibility of any consequences.

The administrator cannot censor or check the content of information posted on the web page, and that the information, ideas and material taken from it are not all exact, sufficient, modern and in general accepted. The web page cannot check the correctness of the text posted by the users and it does not bear any responsibility for possible mistakes, fraudulent declaration, texts, data of the users.

In particular, the afore mentioned renounce any expressed or tacit guarantee, as indicatively: guarantee of integrity, correctness, topicality, marketability, non- infringement or suitability for any use, application or objective.

Under no circumstance, including the case of negligence, is the administrator responsible for any kind of damage suffered by the visitor/ user of the pages, services, selections and contents of the web page to which he/ she proceeds of its own initiative and being acquainted with these terms.

Moreover, the administrator does not guarantee that the pages, services, selections and contents will be provided non-stop, without faults and that the mistakes will be corrected or that all questions will be answered.

The administrator does not guarantee that the web page or any other related internet site or servers, through which the content is made available to the visitors/ users, are provided virus-free or free of other harmful components.

The web page does not proceed to any representation and in general does not provide guarantees or commitment that are contrary to the terms set in this notification. The web page can modify or halt, at any point in time and without any limitation or prior notice, data or/and its services or any of its members.


The writers declares that he/she is the exclusive creator of the work and owner of all the copyrights regarding it.

It is forbidden to publish any kind of illegal or offensive content as well as to publish advertisements.

It is forbidden to cause damage to minors, to alter identification data of the members and the malevolent posting of smear content regarding another person.

The whole content and services of the web page are made available to the visitors strictly for the use defined in this document. The users/ readers are bound to respect the copyright according to the provisions of European and International Law.

It is forbidden to use or retransmit in any way whatsoever, with or without processing, to re-publish or to reproduce, in total or in part or as a summary or in paraphrase or adaptation of its content (of the scripts) in any way - be it electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording or other - without prior written permission of the scriptwriter.

The web page is not in any case responsible for possible damages resulting from any kind of use of it or/ and of the information contained in it. In particular it is not responsible for claims of legal or civil and /or criminal nature nor for possible damages (incidental, special or consequential ones, which indicatively but not exhaustively, alternatively or/ and jointly consist in loss of profit, data etc.) by Users or third parties from a cause related to the operation or not, or/and the use of the web page or/and from possible unauthorised interventions in it by third parties.

This Web page and its content in general, (indicatively: trade marks, figurative marks, mark designations, photos, texts), apart from the writers’ and third parties’ copyright, is copyright and industrial property of it and it is protected by the relative provisions of Greek, Community and International Law.

Connectors to internet sites belonging to third parties (links)

The web page provides the possibility to access internet sites belonging to third parties via suitable connectors (links). The connectors in question have been placed exclusively to facilitate the visitors/ users of the Web page, while the internet sites which they are referred to, fall under the corresponding terms of use of these internet sites. The placement of links does not constitute indication of approval or acceptance of the content of the corresponding internet sites by the web page administrator, who does not bear any responsibility for their content nor for the practices of protection of privacy or the accuracy of materials in them. The use of these links takes place under the user’s sole responsibility.