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TITLE: Antarctica - Independent


GENRES: Comedy Romance Sci-Fi
DATE: 14 January 2020
BY: Marin Mandir - Established Writer

An outsider goes on a summer vacation to the now warm, emerging Republic of Antarctica, 28 years after a 90° pole shift—which happened on his birthday—and returns as a reborn insider from it.

TITLE: Screening - Independent


GENRES: Drama Romance
DATE: 21 March 2019
BY: Abdulrazaq Amedu - New Writer

Realising that he is attracting ladies mainly because he is now rich and famous, a celebrity from a humble beginning concocts a plan to find true love.

TITLE: Bathe With Me One More Time - Independent


GENRES: Drama Romance
DATE: 12 January 2019
BY: Kamila Stopyra - New Writer

Adoptive siblings start a romance to substitute the parental love they were deprived of.

TITLE: Alternated - Independent


GENRES: Action Comedy Drama Music Romance Sci-Fi
DATE: 22 November 2018
BY: Amal Sebastian - New Writer

James is a famous musician after getting into series of troubles he is deciding to go back to his past. Can he have an alternate future to save himself from everything that happened till date?

TITLE: Turn To Stone - Independent


GENRES: Fantasy Romance
DATE: 05 October 2018
BY: Simon Parker - New Writer

Discovering a stone gargoyle that transforms into a beautiful woman every night. A young man falls in love with her, wants to help her break her curse and takes up stone masonry classes to fix the damage the gargoyle has suffered over these last 200

TITLE: Hate to be loved - Independent


GENRES: Drama Family Romance Teen
DATE: 10 October 2017
BY: vanja kocen - New Writer

We follow a llife of girl named Sakura and her friends. Their lifes, family and everyday problems.



GENRES: Comedy Romance
DATE: 09 March 2017
BY: DAVID SANCHEZ - Established Writer

Romantic comedy about a forty-year-old neurotic, possessive, obsessive, intellectual, nervous guy who reflects on the breakup of his latest relationship with a woman who is the complete opposite of him.

TITLE: Soulful conversation - Independent


GENRES: Family Romance Sci-Fi
DATE: 26 October 2016
BY: Jacob Greenberg - New Writer

A non-religious woman regards with humor an unexpected offer to sell her husband's soul for money but soon the situation turns creepy instead of funny.

TITLE: Moist - Independent


GENRES: Romance
DATE: 18 August 2016
BY: Cholena de Koningh - New Writer

TITLE: BLESSEE (Wounded) - Independent


GENRES: Drama Romance
DATE: 12 May 2016
BY: Bob Canning - Established Writer

Blessee (W

TITLE: The Villain - Independent


GENRES: Action Drama Fantasy Romance
DATE: 13 March 2016
BY: Ivana Tucak - New Writer

In 2036, young writer comes to the small island in the Pacific to explore the local legend of mysterious agent who twenty years ago fought one of the most cruel, scheming and evil criminal masterminds the world has ever seen..

TITLE: Straight Life - Independent


GENRES: Drama Romance
DATE: 11 June 2014
BY: Anthony Etherington - New Writer

A workaholic deal-maker with a weakness for drink, drugs and women aspires to head up his companys new European operation but when he hears an eccentric saxophonists beguiling renditions of the jazz classics things start to unravel.

TITLE: The Abandoned - Independent


GENRES: Drama Period Romance
DATE: 18 October 2013
BY: Ricky Hawthorne - New Writer

A doomed menage a trois straddles the carnage of WWI France

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