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TITLE: Outstanding In The Field - Independent


GENRES: Animation Family Fantasy
DATE: 03 September 2019
BY: Andrew Garrett - Established Writer

When black-footed ferret Sarah is kidnapped by human scientists, it'll take a team of experts to get her out. Family will have to do.

TITLE: Moustache, A Dog In Napoleon's Army - Independent


GENRES: Action Animation Drama Family Period
DATE: 29 August 2019
BY: Andrew Garrett - Established Writer

When Napoleon's army marches through his small-town life, poodle Moustache joins up-- finding new friends, love, and all the danger he can wag a tail at.

TITLE: Hate to be loved - Independent


GENRES: Drama Family Romance Teen
DATE: 10 October 2017
BY: vanja kocen - New Writer

We follow a llife of girl named Sakura and her friends. Their lifes, family and everyday problems.

TITLE: Aski and The Joe Pool Lake Monsterquest - Independent


GENRES: Action Animation Family Horror Sci-Fi Teen
DATE: 27 December 2016
BY: Robbie Mercado - Established Writer

The strange death of a young couple leads a masked wrestler (luchador), a criptozoologist and a local police detective to the lair of a gigantic blood sucking creature known as “The Joe Pool Lake Monster”.

TITLE: Soulful conversation - Independent


GENRES: Family Romance Sci-Fi
DATE: 26 October 2016
BY: Jacob Greenberg - New Writer

A non-religious woman regards with humor an unexpected offer to sell her husband's soul for money but soon the situation turns creepy instead of funny.



GENRES: Comedy Drama Family
DATE: 24 March 2016
BY: Shanon Waddingham - New Writer

A reluctant Santa, grieving the loss of his wife and struggling to reconnect with his life, feels guided by this wife’s spirit to go on a mission to reconcile her dearest friend with her estranged Rabbi brother, and bring their family back tog

TITLE: House Trained - Independent


GENRES: Comedy Drama Family
DATE: 23 October 2014
BY: Simon Parker - New Writer

A boy and his dog defeat two burglars in this one location family film.

TITLE: THREE LIVES - Independent


GENRES: Comedy Family Fantasy
DATE: 09 August 2011

A young girl will have to face her Nemesis in three different lives

TITLE: A BAG OF HAIR - Solicited

GENRES: Family
DATE: 12 October 2010
BY: Maria Douza - Established Writer

A great hearted and sensitive six year old boy persuades all the boys of a small village school to shave their heads when fellow pupil who was treated for cancer returns to the village bald.

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