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TITLE: Hidden Forces - Independent


GENRES: Action Drama Period Sci-Fi
DATE: 09 April 2020
BY: Daniel Mackey - New Writer

A mysterious, otherworldly crash in pre-WWII Europe sets off a high-stakes turn of events involving an eclectic cast of characters embroiled in the Occult Wars between historical underground secret societies in Britain and Nazi Germany.

TITLE: Antarctica - Independent


GENRES: Comedy Romance Sci-Fi
DATE: 14 January 2020
BY: Marin Mandir - Established Writer

An outsider goes on a summer vacation to the now warm, emerging Republic of Antarctica, 28 years after a 90° pole shift—which happened on his birthday—and returns as a reborn insider from it.

TITLE: Alternated - Independent


GENRES: Action Comedy Drama Music Romance Sci-Fi
DATE: 22 November 2018
BY: Amal Sebastian - New Writer

James is a famous musician after getting into series of troubles he is deciding to go back to his past. Can he have an alternate future to save himself from everything that happened till date?

TITLE: Aski and The Joe Pool Lake Monsterquest - Independent


GENRES: Action Animation Family Horror Sci-Fi Teen
DATE: 27 December 2016
BY: Robbie Mercado - Established Writer

The strange death of a young couple leads a masked wrestler (luchador), a criptozoologist and a local police detective to the lair of a gigantic blood sucking creature known as The Joe Pool Lake Monster.

TITLE: Soulful conversation - Independent


GENRES: Family Romance Sci-Fi
DATE: 26 October 2016
BY: Jacob Greenberg - New Writer

A non-religious woman regards with humor an unexpected offer to sell her husband's soul for money but soon the situation turns creepy instead of funny.



GENRES: Fantasy Sci-Fi
DATE: 26 October 2016
BY: Jacob Greenberg - New Writer

A young Russian inventor can not find application for his "truth generator" however, despite the objection of the FSB (modern KGB), a rich criminal buyer appears.

TITLE: A god among mice - Independent


GENRES: Action Drama Sci-Fi
DATE: 11 September 2015
BY: Conor Matthews - New Writer

A boy who saved the world must overcome years of trauma as an adult to save it once more.

TITLE: RHEA - Independent


GENRES: Action Fantasy Sci-Fi
DATE: 30 April 2015

In her world, a common girl with feline characteristics. On earth, she is hunted for her origins which connects the universe.

TITLE: Just Brilliant - Independent


GENRES: Action Sci-Fi Teen
DATE: 18 December 2013
BY: Dea Divi - New Writer

They were created to be the next evolution of humanity being just brilliant, but the animal became human and exposed its true origins.

TITLE: Pandora's Box - Independent


GENRES: Fantasy Sci-Fi
DATE: 11 January 2013
BY: Piotr Ryczko - Established Writer

A young nurse realizes that the only way she can prevent a global pandemy and save the world is to learn her true identity by facing her dark occult family heritage.

TITLE: Life 2.1 - Independent


GENRES: Action Animation Fantasy Sci-Fi
DATE: 30 December 2012
BY: Paraskevas Grigorakis - New Writer

It's time for Life to get an upgrade.

TITLE: MOONWALK - Independent


GENRES: Drama Sci-Fi
DATE: 31 October 2012
BY: Aleksey Stasenko - New Writer

Russia, near future. Ivan Gromov, former military pilot, member of the first cosmonaut crew, participant of the failed soviet expedition to the Moon in 1968-1969, learns from a TV story about the planned visit of the astronaut Alan Johnson

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