About us

Welcome to the first European Screenplay Website.

European Scripts Database is a new web-portal hosting European Film & TV scripts written by professionals for professionals. It is a communication channel between writers and producers, directors, distributors, broadcasters, or anyone who is interested in high quality audiovisual production in Europe.

At a time when the lion’s share of distribution is controlled by American cinema, Europe is struggling with various initiatives to protect its production, to secure international distribution, and to safeguard the high artistic quality that has always characterized European cinema.

Every year, some really good screenplays are produced in European Screenplay Workshops, Film Institutes, Screenplay Competitions etc. Many of these screenplays, however, never make it to production, mainly because of lack of communication channels between writers, producers, and financiers.

European Scripts Database

OFFERS A PLATFORM FOR THE PRESENTATION AND PROMOTION of good un-produced screenplays, aiming to help writers to find the right producer, producers to discover the writer (and subject) they’ve been looking for, directors to spot desirable screenplays, writers to know each other’s work etc.

CONSISTS OF A COMMUNICATION CHANNEL between writers and producers, television networks, distributors or anyone interested in screenplays (directors, film & TV students, even simple readers) in Europe and elsewhere.

CONTRIBUTES TO THE DEVELOPMENT AND EXPLOITATION of European writing talent, aiming to improve Europe’s film and television production, as well as to create a screenwriters’ network that will absorb and promote the screenplays produced through the numerous screenplay workshops supported by the Media programme of the European Commission.

GIVES THE OPPORTUNITY to European filmmakers to know each other’s work, and work in each other’s countries.

PROVIDES A RECORD AND A BAROMETER OF EUROPEAN SCREENPLAY PRODUCTION enabling writers, but also producers and decision makers, to have a better idea of what is written, by whom, on which subjects, etc. At this moment, many screenplays produced in Europe are developed independently by their writers without commission or concrete prospect. As a result, good screenplays often don’t find a recipient, while, in other cases, two or more writers write about the same subject without knowing it, thus depriving their work of originality.

between all those who support quality screenplays in Europe.


European Scripts Database already collaborates with the Mediterranean Film Institute, a training initiative of the Media programme, which has been running in Greece for ten years now, producing high quality screenplays for feature films under the supervision of screenplay tutors from Columbia University, N.Y. and the National Film School of England. European Scripts Database aims to collaborate with all the screenplay workshops in Europe.


LAST, BUT NOT LEAST, European Scripts Database aspires to create a European Screenplay Archive in collaboration with National Film Centres and Film Schools of all European countries.


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