HAVE YOU written one or more complete film or TV screenplay(s) and want exposure? THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE!

European Scripts Database is a web Portal that handles and promotes European screenplays for cinema and television.

If you want your screenplay(s) to appear on this platform register NOW and enjoy the following:

  • Create your personal screenplay showcase featuring one or more screenplays at a time
  • Access your showcase at any time, in order to edit, re-arrange, add, or remove material
  • Enjoy other screenplay related services at discount prices (screenplay editing and consultation, translation services, and a legal service)
  • Receive information by mail every time you get a reading request
  • Receive information about the person who has requested to read your screenplay

Screenplays are presented in two steps:

  1. Brief Presentation
    Title of Screenplay
    Writer’s Name
    Screenplay Info (genre, medium, origin, no. of pages,)
    One page Synopsis
    Writer’s Biography
    10 page excerpt (optional)

    This information will be accessed for free by all registered users whether writers or producers (or indeed directors, tutors, broadcasters etc,  registered as producers).

  2. Presentation of the Complete Screenplay (or extensive Scene by Scene Treatment)

    To read the whole screenplay, or extensive treatment, a user (registered as a producer) must submit a reading request (dated and signed) to European Scripts Database for the specific screenplay. The request is then forwarded to the writer (you) who is asked to confirm whether s/he wants her/his screenplay to be read or not. Upon confirmation, the screenplay is automatically released to the interested person for free.


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