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TITLE: A Whisker Past Midnight - Independent


GENRES: Action Animation Comedy Period
DATE: 07 August 2014
BY: Andrew Garrett - Established Writer

Genres collide in this irreverent, darkly humorous animated thriller, as two American mice face off against a crew of Nazi rats who have turned an ocean liner into a fiendish trap.

TITLE: Only In America (written with Arty Finkelstein) - Independent


GENRES: Biography Drama Period
DATE: 05 August 2014
BY: Andrew Garrett - Established Writer

A young man is shoved violently, out of spite, into the U.S. Army at the height of the Vietnam War. They know he doesnít belong--and heís finding all the wrong ways to get out.

TITLE: LOCAL SUGAR - Independent


GENRES: Animation Period
DATE: 25 July 2014
BY: Andrew Garrett - Established Writer

In this Cajun twist on "Froggy Went A-Courtin'", mouse mayor Mary Lou, and her beau Sly Snake, fight back when slimy land baron frog Rowley threatens to wreck their little bayou town of Sugarville--and their wedding.

TITLE: The Abandoned - Independent


GENRES: Drama Period Romance
DATE: 18 October 2013
BY: Ricky Hawthorne - New Writer

A doomed menage a trois straddles the carnage of WWI France

TITLE: The Last Sunset - Independent


GENRES: Horror Period
DATE: 06 July 2012
BY: Miltiades Varvounis - Established Writer

THE LAST SUNSET is a Gothic Western, set in Ottoman island of Chios, 17th century.

TITLE: NANA EL CABALLO GRANDE ( ?????????? ?? ?????? ?????) - Independent


GENRES: Drama Period
DATE: 08 August 2011
BY: ?????????? ?????? - New Writer

PABLO y su nieto JUAN viven en Granada al 1936 cultivando tobaco a la tierra. Un sueno mysterio, y profetico cambia la vida de JUAN

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We donít need books to make films. Itís the last thing we want ó it turns cinema into the bastard art of illustration.

Peter Greenaway