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TITLE: Woman.Berlin - Independent


GENRES: Action Comedy Drama Horror
DATE: 10 February 2019
BY: Cholena de Koningh - New Writer

WOMAN.BERLIN is a short story written for the fashion lable WOMAN.

TITLE: Scarecrow - Solicited


GENRES: Horror
DATE: 09 December 2017
BY: Radek Ko?í - New Writer

A group of friends must face a slasher from their past.

TITLE: BIG DADDY - Independent


GENRES: Action Comedy Horror
DATE: 21 March 2017
BY: James Nowlan - New Writer

A wino, a prostitute, a security officer, a criminal thug, a bourgeois literary lady, a CEO and a top model sign up for reality TV. They awake locked in a desolate warehouse where they shall be forced to fight for their lives.

TITLE: Aski and The Joe Pool Lake Monsterquest - Independent


GENRES: Action Animation Family Horror Sci-Fi Teen
DATE: 27 December 2016
BY: Robbie Mercado - Established Writer

The strange death of a young couple leads a masked wrestler (luchador), a criptozoologist and a local police detective to the lair of a gigantic blood sucking creature known as “The Joe Pool Lake Monster”.

TITLE: STASIS* - Independent


GENRES: Drama Horror
DATE: 27 November 2016
BY: Alex Giannoulis - New Writer

Staying Behind is the Only Way Forward

TITLE: Myth - Independent


GENRES: Horror
DATE: 18 October 2013
BY: Ricky Hawthorne - New Writer

In the Badlands of South Dakota an ancient evil is awoken that only an ancient good can oppose; but which is which?



GENRES: Horror
DATE: 01 April 2013
BY: Danijel Vizi - New Writer

Number of mysterious and brutal murders is increasing, the police come to a standstill, can not understand killer's modus operandi.Their only clue is the paint colour find on every scene of the crime which slowly leads to gruesome discoveries

TITLE: The Last Sunset - Independent


GENRES: Horror Period
DATE: 06 July 2012
BY: Miltiades Varvounis - Established Writer

THE LAST SUNSET is a Gothic Western, set in Ottoman island of Chios, 17th century.


GENRES: Horror
DATE: 05 January 2011
BY: Alex Pillai - Established Writer

STILLBORN is an English language ghost story, set in modern India.

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